Hire us to run Digital PR campaigns

PR is not confined to churning out press releases and getting them published in newspapers and magazines. To make your brand or product popular, you need to get people talking about it online.

How does digital PR work?

Let’s say that your company launched a shampoo whose USP is that it is sulfate-free, vegan and not tested on animals. A digital PR campaign to promote the shampoo would involve getting popular beauty bloggers to review the shampoo, associating with vegan and animal rights groups to start talking about the shampoo on Facebook and twitter, and asking popular instagramers to post photos of how lovely their hair look after trying your shampoo. Voila! Your shampoo has now become the talk of the town (the online town). People are more likely to trust bloggers and social media discussion rather than a plain ‘buy now’ campaign from your brand.We team up with bloggers, websites, facebook groups and other social influencers to generate a buzz about your brand.

How much does digital PR cost?

Digital PR campaigns may cost anywhere between just $300 to $3000 depending on what we decide to do in the campaign.