$500 Digital Marketing Plan for Austin Small Businesses

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For a small business owner in Austin with a $500 monthly digital ad budget, We would recommend the following digital marketing plan:

 Google Ads: $200

We would allocate the largest portion of the budget, $200, towards Google Ads. With Google Ads, We can target people who are actively searching for keywords related to your business, which can drive highly targeted traffic to your website. We would focus on targeting keywords related to your business and use ad extensions to provide additional information about your business.

Facebook Ads: $150

Facebook Ads are a great way to target a specific audience based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. We would allocate $150 towards Facebook Ads and use it to target people in Austin who are likely to be interested in your business. We would create eye-catching ad creatives with clear calls-to-action to encourage clicks and conversions.

Instagram Ads: $100

Instagram is a highly visual platform that is popular among millennials and Gen Z, making it an excellent platform for businesses targeting those demographics. We would allocate $100 towards Instagram Ads and create visually appealing ad creatives to showcase your products or services. We would use targeting options to reach people in Austin who are likely to be interested in your business.

LinkedIn Ads: $50

If your business targets other businesses, LinkedIn Ads could be a valuable platform to consider. We would allocate $50 towards LinkedIn Ads and use it to target business owners or decision-makers in Austin. We would create ad creatives that focus on the benefits of my business for other businesses and use LinkedIn’s targeting options to reach the right audience.

In summary, our digital marketing plan would allocate
$200 towards Google Ads,
$150 towards Facebook Ads,
$100 towards Instagram Ads, and
$50 towards LinkedIn Ads.

By leveraging a mix of platforms and targeting options, We can maximize the reach and impact of your advertising budget in Austin.


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