How to remove Google My Business Reviews Spam

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Google Business Profile (previously Google My Business – GMB) has strict policies against spam reviews, which are reviews that violate their guidelines or are fake. If you have spam reviews on your GMB profile, you can take the following steps to remove them:

  1. Flag the review:

    You can flag the spam review by logging into your GMB account, finding the review, and clicking the three-dot menu next to the review. From there, select “Flag as inappropriate” and follow the prompts.

  2. Contact Google Support:

    If the flagging option doesn’t work or you have multiple spam reviews, you can contact Google My Business Support directly. They have a team that handles spam reviews and can remove them if they violate their policies.

  3. Respond to the review:

    If the spam review is still visible on your profile, you can respond to it publicly to let your customers know that it’s not legitimate. You can explain that the review violates GMB guidelines and provide evidence if possible.

  4. Build a strong reputation:

    The best way to combat spam reviews is to build a strong reputation on Google My Business. Encourage your customers to leave legitimate reviews and respond to all reviews, whether positive or negative. This will help your business appear more trustworthy and legitimate, making it less likely that spammers will target your profile.

It’s important to note that removing spam reviews can take time, and Google My Business doesn’t guarantee that all spam reviews will be removed. However, taking the above steps can help improve your chances of having them removed.


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